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Jara Studio is located in Clil, an ecological village in the Western Galilee. It was founded (25 years ago) by artists Batya and Alon; both active multi-disciplinary artists who exhibit regularly nationally and internationally. 

In Clil they built their house, as well as the studio- in which they create, exhibit and teach ceramic and glass arts. While Batya specializes in glass and Alon is primarily a ceramic artist; Studio Jara functions as a melting pot (both physically and metaphorically) for creativity, tuition and execution of projects in various media.

Alongside its principal function as a site of creativity in glass and ceramic arts, Studio Jara houses workshops for audiences of all ages and abilities. Whether you are arranging a family/group get-together or seeking professional tuition for advanced professionals- a visit to Jara Studio is only a phone-call or email away. 

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