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Mulberry season,


While picking the red, juicy fruit, an image arises, based on an ancient dream or memory. In a faraway place with high mountains and mulberry trees, on a dark night, two teenage girls encounter two spirits, otherworldly. For a moment there is an exchange, time becomes eternity and then back to the moment that becomes a memory, a dream, a story.


Two women (ages 53 and 35), a bowl of mulberries and a concrete floor. The floor becomes a canvas, a playground, a meeting place. The color of the mulberry juice changes from red to blue when it touches the concrete floor. Using our body parts we fill the floor with patterns and images, playfully interacting until we have had our fill


This is our place and time to be - " Tut Time".


Participants – Noa Noy, Batya Gil Margalit

Photography – Galia Lulko, Ruth Litan

Editing – Oron Adar

Music – Ilan Shalom

tut fina_6_.jpg
tut final_6_.jpg
tut final_3_.jpg
tut final_.jpg
tut final_11.jpg
tut final_10_.jpg
tut final _2 (1).jpg
tut final_13.jpg


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