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“And the lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul”

Genesis 2 Verse 7

Ceramic art contains the three primary ancient elements: earth, water and fire.

The fourth element, air or "spirit", is the preliminary thought, the intention to create that precedes the physical act of forming in substance.   

The ceramic works I create are a synthesis of dispositions, thoughts, ideas and dreams; both conscious and subconscious.

In my pieces I explore the meeting points of old and new: I manipulate earth and mud, as well as contemporary digital images.  I integrate classical forms from ancient cultures with present-day images that deal with paradoxes and identity concerns of modern men.

Many of my works are motivated by an inner creative impulse, an urge quite unrelated to current taste and fades. At times my works are exhibited and travel the world, on other occasions- they remain on the studio shelves.

In addition, I create pieces by commission for public and private collectors. This branch of my oeuvre is intended to accompany people in their daily life and become an integral part of specific domestic or communal locations.

The functional and the artistic coexist in my works; at times they meet and merge- at times they wander further apart. It is in this space: between spirit and material that I create.

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