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Inspired by miniature statuettes that appear in many cultures around the world; this work contains miniature porcelain figurines in various erotic positions. All figures are depicted with skull faces. This work may be seen as portraying a “Kama Sutra of the dead", or an orgy in the afterlife.

By interweaving sexual acts with the skull motive, I created an interaction between two (apparently) opposite forces: mating and breeding, the acts that most embody our liveliness –and death. This juxtaposition creates opposing sensations in viewers; while it tempts them to closely scrutinize and study the intimate acts for their amusement, it also raises grotesque and morbid associations. This combination leads us to ponder the wonders of life and death, and the interplay between them.


Technique: hand sculpted, glazed porcelain, fired in a gas kiln with gentle touches of gold over glaze.

Above and below

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