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This large, classically shaped pot, functions as substructure for a painterly depiction of the scene of the Expulsion from the Garden of Eden. 

Adam and Eve are portrayed in the figures of Zohar Argov and Umm Kulthum; two Middle Eastern musicians who reached legendary statues. The two are painted within pastoral scenery of blossom and lush vegetation; while a snake encircles the pot- holding the Forbidden Fruit in his mouth. The "fruit" is a human skull.

Umm Kulthum and Zohar Argov, two icons of Middle Eastern music (the former an Egyptian woman, the latter an Israeli man)- are moaning the unresolved conflict in our region, where life and death, construction and destruction, laughter and weeping; mingle and merge into each other.

This work expresses an ambivalent approach towards our life in Israel as well as feelings and outlooks concerning the very notion of "Locality". It may be seen as a fable or allegory on issues of identity, territory and the conflicts they entail.

Technique - wheel thrown, hand built and hand painted with underglazes, over glazes, glazes, lusters and ceramic decals.


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